Integrated Compliance Solutions from
Integrated Compliance

HIPAA Solutions offers help with the following HIPAA, GINA and HITECH services:

  • Security Risk Analysis
  • Meaningful Use submission and system software review
  • Live and web-based employer-specific role-specific state-specific training and updates
  • Policy & Procedures with implementation steps
  • Business Associate Agreement and contract compliance audit
  • Cyber & HIPAA insurance policy compliance assessment and consult with agent
  • Business Associate vetting
  • Data De-Identification ("De-ID")
  • Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Breach response and Privacy Officer functions
  • Breach simulation and stress testing
  • HIPAA compliance reviews and readiness assessment for HHS-OCR audit
  • Enterprise-wide sensitive data identification for IIHI, PHI, NPI, PII, etc.
  • Process engineering, project management and change management
  • HIPAA compliant M&A
  • Consulting