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Integrated Compliance Solutions

"Compliance: From process maps to culture"


Together Zeskind's Benefits Consulting Corporation and provide integrated compliance solutions to a broad spectrum of business types. Each employer having customized and targeted compliance solutions.


Zeskind's Benefits Consulting Corporation provides compliances services for qualified retirement plans and health & welfare plans. It also applies the best of Six Sigma and Lean Management to the employer's associated compliance processes.

The statement “it’s not your father’s HIPAA” reflects the dramatic changes to the almost 30-year old law. In addition to the massive 563-page 2013 Omnibus Bill, there have been additional enforcement, changes and “clarifications” such as Windsor, Obergefell and Byrne vs. Avery. provides a unique-in-the-industry integration of technical knowledge with the common sense gleaned from more than 35 years of compliance experience.


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